• What Are Bioflavonoids?

    Bioflavonoids — aka flavonoids or “vitamin P” — naturally occur in pretty much all fruits, vegetables and herbs. Chocolate, tea and wine, as well as some dry beans and seeds, also contain vitamin P. Flavonoids are a large family of over 5,000 hydroxylated polyphenolic compounds that carry out key functions in plants, such as attracting pollinating insects, fighting environmental stresses and modulating cell growth. In humans, their bioavailability and biological activities appear to be strongly influenced by their chemical nature.
  • Are You Getting Enough Vitamin C?

    Vitamin C supports immunity, development of collagen, boosts absorption of iron and is an overall superstar nutrient for good skin and health. It's not something you want to go without so let's breakdown why it's so crucial for the body and the tell-tale signs of a vitamin C deficiency. These are the 15 most common symptoms if you're not getting enough vitamin C...