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    Antioxidants protect the skin by reducing and counteracting free radical production. These free radicals, as a refresher, can assault your skin, damaging healthy skin cells and creating oxidative stress. Antioxidants protect your skin from this and help reduce pigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles. Keep reading to discover our favourite antioxidants that you will want to add to your skincare/self-care routine! 
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    There's a sticky relationship between sugar and your skin and today we're breaking down what the deal is with glycation, sugar and pre-mature aging. Sweet tooth's beware, what we unravel may make you never look at dessert the same way again!

    We’d all love to have perfect skin, but due to modern lifestyles and the food that we eat, many of us become our own saboteurs to the complexion of our dreams. Most Australians get more than 50 percent of their calories from refined sugar, flour and oil and another 25 percent of calories from animals foods. But while these foods seem like the norm, they are not. Our biology was never designed to process them in the quantities that we eat. Early humans never ate cookies, cake, chocolate bars or anything else so high in refined sugar and fat.