Hydroxycitrate Complex helps block the enzyme that converts digested foods to fat (decreases fat storage) allowing it instead to become a usable energy source to alleviate fatigue. 

Gymnema Plant Extract (its name in Hindi translates to "destroyer of sugar") has been used in ancient Indian medicinal practice Ayurveda for thousands of years for its impressive health benefits. It helps to decrease the absorption of sugar from the intestine and may stimulate insulin production in your pancreas, promoting the regeneration of insulin-producing islet cells. This can help lower your blood sugar levels. 

Camellia Sinensis (Green tea) Extract is a powerful antioxidant with EGCG properties that quenches the body of free radicals, reduces inflammation in the body and proactively protects cells from damage that can lead to a number of chronic illnesses. Caffeine and amino acid, L-theanine also supports brain function to enhance working memory, cognitive performance, and elevate mood.

Chromium an essential trace element that helps to stabilise blood sugar levels, which lessens the brain’s demand for excess sugar when you’re feeling hungry. The positive role it plays in fat metabolism can also help to reduce “bad” cholesterol.

Robusta Coffee Bean Extract helps to suppress appetite & inhibit fatty acid synthesis. Raw beans (not yet been roasted) provide a high level of chlorogenic acid, which may improve glucose metabolism and promote thermogenesis (fat burning). 

Pyridoxine Hydrochlorid (Vitamin B6) is an essential nutrient which is required for the metabolism of lipids, carbohydrates, and proteins. It facilitates the conversion of amino acids from one to another as needed, and is necessary for normal synthesis of hemoglobin and for the normal function and growth of red blood cells. It is also needed for the synthesis of neurotransmitters and for converting essential fatty acids into prostaglandins (chemical messengers).

Thiamine Hydrochlorid (Vitamin B1) enables the body to use carbohydrates as energy and is essential for glucose metabolism. Vitamin B1 plays a key role in nerve, muscle, and heart function, and helps in maintaining healthy cognitive functions