The VK6 Affiliates program is a great partnership opportunity where approved a affiliates will receive a unique discount code & link that can be placed on posts, stories, blogs & bio's to direct traffic to the VK6 website and promotional landing pages. 

Affiliates will be able to choose their favourite products from the VK6 collection of nourishing, beauty-boosting ingestibles and self-care essentials to try and review.

Affiliates will earn commission every time a customer makes a successful purchase using their link. The amount of commission affiliates earn depends on how they choose to promote VK6 and our products. 


Free to join: Monetise your traffic working with VK6

Commission: Earn up to 20% commission on all confirmed sales

Trailing commission: 30 day cookie period

Access to creative: Easy access to branded banners in standard sizes

To join, please get in touch at